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    The Biology of Nicotine Addiction is a 31-minute presentation by Dr. Sachs that explores the science behind the addiction. In it Dr. Sachs calls on his own research and that of others and uses rich medical illustrations to provide a clear and easily understood message. Intended as an educational aid for primary care physicians, the program is proven popular among patients and consumers for the insight it provides.

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    How To Stop Smoking is the title of the audio book hosted by Dr. Art Ulene and featuring Dr. Sachs.  The 57-minute audio-CD includes tips from former smokers on how to stop and techniques you can use right away.  Also included in the set is a 64-page booklet with quizzes and a step-by-step program to end your tobacco dependence.  It’s a great gift for someone who is thinking about stopping, but hasn’t made the final decision.

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    We have one of the most extensive libraries of medical illustrations, charts and graphs on elements related to tobacco dependence, pharmacological interventions, tobacco cessation programs and more.

    - Biology of Nicotine Addiction
    - Cost of Smoking
    - Natural History of Smoking Relapse
    - One Size Fits All
    - The 5 Myths of Treating Tobacco Dependence

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    Dr. Sachs and his team are widely published on tobacco dependence treatment, pharmacology studies and other primary research.



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