The Mission of The Palo Alto Center for Pulmonary Disease Prevention

  1. Produce research of exceptional creativity and outstanding scientific quality in the areas of pulmonary disease prevention and treatment.
  2. Educate health professionals, the general public, and patients about pulmonary disease prevention and treatment.
  3. Bring the fruits of our research, and that of others around the world, to patients as rapidly as possible.


The Mission of the Professional Development Program

  • Create educational and clinical training programs for physicians, nurses, pharmacists and dentists so that each professional discipline gains knowledge and skill to treat tobacco-dependent patients with the same expertise and empathy they use to treat patients with other chronic medical diseases.


The Mission of the Pulmonary Diagnostic & Rehabilitation Medicine Group, Inc.

  1. Provide thoughtful, caring, superior service to our patients.
  2. Provide thoughtful, innovative medical and scientific consultative service, of singularly outstanding caliber, to our corporate, medical, health-care organization, and health-care professional clients.


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This page last updated Nov 28, 2016