DS004_bioHow often have you thought, “Medical people and medical knowledge are just unapproachable? Too arrogant. Too technical.” My guess is, often. That’s why I have developed this website, to provide consumers and my health-care colleagues an approachable and hopefully compassionate resource for those who are fighting tobacco dependence and other pulmonary problems. Why this passion? Because tobacco use causes most of the lung diseases we see in the 21st Century.


My goal is to help consumers and health-care professionals have access to all of our content and programs so they can learn how “the other side” thinks and get reliable information on matters of greatest concern to them. We hope the website gives you guidance, knowledge and tools that are proven for their effectiveness in treating tobacco dependence.


As for me personally, I’m David P. L. Sachs, MD. I have the blessing of living in a wonderful part of the country pursuing my professional passion, working with people I respect and care for deeply. Against my personal joy I am reminded daily of the thousands of individuals who struggle – some successfully, some not – with tobacco dependence and other pulmonary problems. This website fulfills one of my lifelong dreams and goals to make proven science and substantive research available to those who join my crusade to help remove the deadly grip of tobacco dependence for those who seek to breathe free. I hope you find it useful.








P.S. Click here for video of Dr. Sachs talking about nicotine addiction.


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